Hillcrest Assisted Living is always looking for talented and caring individuals to join our staff.

Equal Opportunity Employment

It is the intention of Range Development Company to consider each applicant for employment, within statutory limitations, on the basis of their qualifications, without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, individual handicap, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest record, marital status, age, or national origin and to give all employees equal consideration with respect to compensation, benefits and the opportunity to progress within the company without regard to race, sex, etc.

Employment Status

Range Development Company seeks as its employee’s individuals who meet the commitments of their positions, work well with other staff, residents and family members, as well as, perform their job(s) in an efficient and effective manner. Your work history, background, character, and ability are checked as a condition of your employment. We will make every effort to place you in a job compatible with your experience as well as compatible with the needs of the facility in which you will be working.

Morals and Ethics

To ensure the safety of the residents, staff and visitors we attempt to hire only those employees of good moral character and whose ethics are consistent with those of Range Development Company of Chisholm.